Política de envío

Please note, Cat’s Cookies are made to order products prepared in the order they are received. Please allow 2-5 days for the delivery of your order according to the Cat's Cookies Bake & Ship Schedule.

Thank you for shopping at Cat's Cookies! Please note all cookie orders are fresh baked and made to order so please read out store policies before placing orders, to alleviate doubt as you prepare to place your cookie order. We take great pride in packaging and shipping your precious order, as your satisfaction is our goal. Please carefully read our stores' Shipping and Local Delivery policies below. 

Cat's Cookies Store Shipping & Local Delivery Policy

Local Delivery. Local delivery orders must be made 48 hrs, by 1600 hrs (4:00 pm EST) before your chosen delivery date. Please check and verify your own schedule and availability prior to placing an order. ***We have limited reservations that fill up quickly, so rescheduling is not guaranteed.

Store Delivery Dates: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Please use the date/time picker at checkout so when know when and what time to bring your goodies. *Delivery rules are subject to change any time, at the discretion of Cat's Cookies. 

***For example: If you prefer your order to be delivered by Thursday at 5 pm, you must submit all orders by Tuesday at 5 pm.

Thursday at 1601 hrs (4:01 pm EST) is the 48 hrs cut-off to place an order to get Saturday delivery (our last local delivery date for the week). Orders are considered "late" if there are less than 48 hours between the order time and the date selected for your local delivery. Please note we charge a small convenience fee for "late" order requests.

Cancellations. Cancellations must be made no later than 1200 hrs (12:00 pm EST) on the day before your scheduled delivery. Click here and review our store Refund Policy before placing your order.

If you have questions or requests related to our store's local order and delivery policy, please contact us.

Shipping Delivery. At Cat's Cookies, our goal is to ensure the freshness and safe delivery of your custom order. Review our Bake & Ship Schedule before placing your order. Per our Bake & Ship Schedule, we collect orders throughout the week with an order cutoff of Tuesday at 1200 hrs (12:00 pm EST) noon). This means an order request with a timestamp at and after 1201 hrs (12:01 pm EST) on Tuesday is considered a late order. 

Cancellations. Cancellations must be requested no later than Tuesday at 1200 hrs (12:00 pm EST) to qualify for a partial refund. Orders are considered a “Shipping Delivery Late-cancellation,”  starting at 1201 hrs (12:01 pm EST) on Tuesday, and are nonrefundable. Click here to review our store Refund Policy before placing your order.

Postal Carrier Delays. We don't offer partial refunds for delays related to poor weather conditions, incorrect (or incomplete) addresses on orders, or incorrect (or incomplete) purchases. Click here to review the entire store Refund Policy before placing your order.

Service Disclaimer:

Cat’s Cookies provides services with a big smile. Please understand that Cat’s Cookies started out of love. With that said, Cat’s Cookies reserves the right to refuse service to customers behaving in a manner to violently, disrupt, or slander the “in-person” on “online” staff at Cat’s Cookies establishments, in-person events, and online events and stores. 

Potential threats of violence (verbal and nonverbal) to cause a disruption in business operations to pose a danger to employees and customers alike. We have a zero-tolerance for such actions, for safety reasons, and will report violations to the appropriate authorities. 

The heart and soul of our business are that we aim to encompass and promote peace, harmony, and mutual respect “one cookie at a time.” So be at peace when you come by to get your goodies. We hope they put a smile on your face and in your heart. 

If a consumer has a concern or question, or if you just want to share your customer experience, feel free to contact us for peaceful resolutions. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for shopping at Cat’s Cookies.