Política de suscripciones

Welcome to Cat's VIP Cookie subscription plan! If you are reading this you are hooked on Cat' Soft-backed cookies and may have earned you a spot to VIP cookie heaven! As we prepare to launch, we wanted to make sure we give you a chance to mark your calendars. Why, because we will only be offering a certain number of VIP subscriptions during the initial period. Since we offer fresh-baked made-to-order cookies, the VIP seats are limited. Seats will only become available as people decide to not renew their subscription, or are asked to politely exit our VIP service. Keep reading for more information. 

First, let me explain the program. All of our customers mean the world to us. We wish we could offer this service as a regular item. We are growing as a small business, and with that, we will be able to offer more VIP subscription plan seats. So keep coming back to see when the VIP subscription plan is available pre-sell! Don't miss it!

What do you get? Your first order will come with your cookie order and a small welcome goodie bag. Each subscription lasts a limited time, but there is an option to renew, should you choose. If you decide to continue on with a new subscription you get a welcome bundle mystery pack as a renewal gift. We encourage you to use our store's trending hashtag to share your mystery package "box-opening" experience on social media!

Shipping and delivery. Shipping and delivery of VIP Subscription orders mirror that of Cat's Cookies Store. Shipping Policy. Please read all store policies before placing your order. Depending on your schedule, let us know if you would like to have the cookies delivered a week later or temporarily paused during scheduling conflicts. We want to do what we can to make your cookie subscription journey as comfy flexible as possible.

We are super excited about the launch of Cat's Cookie Subscriptions, and we hope you are too. There is nothing more exciting than coming home to a fresh-baked cookie parcel, right when you need it AND on a schedule! Woohooo! Please review our Shipping Policy and Bake & Ship Schedule to see when you should expect your order.

Per the Board of Health, all sales are final on perishable products. If you have a question about your subscription order contact us at subscriptions@catscookiesofficial.com

Cookies Subscription Service. Please take note of this because Cat's cookies is a pre-paid subscription service only. If you wish to make changes to the shipment or delivery locations please contact us ASAP according to our store Shipping and Delivery policy as well as our Bake & Ship Schedule

Shipments & Delivery

Cat’s Cookies is not responsible for damage or loss as the result of shipments being returned or deemed non-deliverable as a result of incorrect or incomplete address information you supply upon order, or for the inability of the recipient to receive the package on the day you specify delivery.

If your package is returned to us because of an incorrect address provided by you, due to items being perishable, we must dispose of the contents of the package and you will not be refunded.

To ensure the freshness of made-to-order baked goods, we encourage you to make plans for timely receipt of the package(s) prior to placing your custom order.

Please note: Shipping baked goods risks damage due to movement during transport via postal carriers. Your Satisfaction is our goal when shipping your precious Custom order. When you receive your product package, please inspect it as soon as possible. Cat’s Cookies are unable to control extreme weather conditions that may delay packages already in transit. We are unable to guarantee proper handling and prompt receipt of packages once they are delivered to the correct mailing addresses by third-party carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS), which is, unfortunately, out of our control. We do not take any responsibility for damage that occurs during transport, including mold. 

If you were sent items you did not order or failed to receive some of the items in your order, please Contact us. 

We do not accept return shipments, nor do we pay for return shipments. Click here to review our refund policy before placing a subscription order. Refunds for damaged goods can only be processed as store credit on a case-by-case basis pending store approval. 

Service Disclaimer:

Cat’s Cookies provides services with a big smile. Please understand that Cat’s Cookies started out of love. With that said, Cat’s Cookies reserves the right to refuse service to customers behaving in a manner to violently, disrupt, or slander the “in-person” on “online” staff at Cat’s Cookies establishments, in-person events, and online events and stores. 

Potential threats of violence (verbal and nonverbal) to cause a disruption in business operations to pose a danger to employees and customers alike. We have a zero-tolerance for such actions, for safety reasons, and will report violations to the appropriate authorities. 

The heart and soul of our business are that we aim to encompass and promote peace, harmony, and mutual respect “one cookie at a time.” So be at peace when you come by to get your goodies. We hope they put a smile on your face and in your heart. 

If a consumer has a concern or question, or if you just want to share your customer experience, feel free to contact us for peaceful resolutions. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for shopping at Cat’s Cookies.