About Us

Cat's Red Velvet Specialty Cookies

Hello and welcome to the official Cat’s Cookies website!  My name is Cat, and I am the founder and owner. It's really nice to meet you!

Let me take you back a little. So, I started my small cookie shop in January of 2019. At first, baking cookies was a stress relieving activity, and it helped pay for some of my college expenses (an amazing an awesome bonus).

On the road. Well, almost immediately, my small business started to build some traction thank to my first customers. These amazing humans didn't just gobble their goodies in secrete. They were kind enough to spread the word which led to me being able to set up a little shop. I participated in local & statewide farmers markets, fairs, even Saturday morning marketing events.

Diabetic-Owned Cookies Shop?!? I love baking, but since I was a child... sweet things were always the "enemy". I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes as a kiddo, and currently have Type 1 Diabetes. So, within my recipes, I worked for a very very long time to create recipes with very limited processed granulated sugars or no sugars at all. By using less sugar, you can taste the actual unique flavor of each handcrafted, soft baked cookie.

Cat's Cookies

Handcrafted & Made to order. All orders are handcrafted and baked fresh on demand. Every honored guest will get a custom fresh-baked product sent straight to their door. Click here to see how we get it done! :)

The Goody News! Stick around because we have some exciting events coming up. Don't  forget to sign up for the good news cookie blog, "Cat's got your Tongue." Subscriber's will get first dibs discounts, limited promotions, and gifts and so much more.

I'm so happy you stopped by and stayed from my "story time." Cat’s Cookies looks forward preparing your next soft-baked custom handcrafted goody order.  Our cookie menu keeps growing, and we are super excited to share both new and existing treats with you.

Cat's Soft-baked Custom Cookie Platter

Since you are here stop by and check out a few of our menu items to see what all the fuss is about. Starting with our traditional cookies flavors. We also have Keto (Gluten free/ Sugar-free) and Vegan cookies menu items. It doesn't  even stop there... we have mini and jumbo cookie event platters, gift baskets, or just change it up with a mix and match cookie bundles.